De beste shampoo ter wereld

Natural therapy Shampoo for healthy hair and skin,
the ideal solution for all hair and skin problems


All active Actigener® ingredients are grown in France. The formula exists almost 50 years and was developed in The Netherlands. Actigener® was originally developed to beat dandruff, thinning of hair and (excessive) skin flaking . These problems will be solved by relieving the symptoms, instead of temporarily repressing them. Besides that, Actigener® is the ideal solution for problems like itching, greasy and limp hair. Already after a few washes one can see and feel improvement. Apart from resolving the existing problems, Actigener® gives volume and vitality to hair at all times! The Actigener® products nor the ingredients have not been tested on animals!


Actigener® contains many organic vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals which have an important restorative effect on the hair growth. All Actigener® products contain the plant extract ARNICA MONTANA which boosts the blood flow and brings the blood to the surface of the skin. This temporarily boosted blood circulation leaves a warm tingling of the scalp and may redden the skin for about 15 minutes. In this respect the classic, original Actigener® shampoo is stronger than the Mild version.